Kent PESE 11+ Entrance Exams

The Basics

The Kent 11+ or Kent PESE (Procedure for Entry to Secondary Education) is a grammar entrance exam that covers all 32 selective schools in the Kent catchment.

The papers are GL (Granada Learning) standard. GL papers are based on a question bank of some 15,000 questions, many of which have a similar style of questioning. This is good news for parents and children, as with practice it is possible to familiarise with the kinds of questions that are asked. 

The exam format includes two papers, both of which are an hour long and are multiple choice. Paper 1 covers English and Maths, Paper 2 covers Reasoning.

Schools that follow the PESE:


  • Barton Court Grammar School

  • Borden Grammar School

  • Chatham & Clarendon Grammar School

  • Cranbrook School

  • Dane Court Grammar School

  • Dartford Grammar School

  • Dartford Grammar School for Girls

  • Dover Grammar School for Boys

  • Dover Grammar School for Girls

  • Gravesend Grammar School

  • Highsted School

  • Highworth Grammar School

  • Invicta Grammar School

  • Maidstone Grammar School

  • Maidstone Grammar School for Girls

  • Mayfield Grammar School

  • Oakwood Park Grammar School

  • Simon Langton Girls’ Grammar School

  • Simon Langton Grammar School for Boys

  • Sir Roger Manwood’s School

  • The Folkestone School for Girls

  • The Harvey Grammar School

  • The Judd School

  • The Norton Knatchbull School

  • The Skinners’ School

  • Tonbridge Grammar School

  • Tunbridge Wells Girls’ Grammar School

  • Tunbridge Wells Grammar School for Boys

  • Weald of Kent Grammar School

  • Wilmington Grammar School for Boys

  • Wilmington Grammar School for Girls

Adult Students


Paper 1 - English & Maths

Click below to download multiple choice papers for Kent PESE Paper 1. Each paper is a full mock exam, designed to look and feel like a real 11+ paper with a separate answer sheet to mimic the real thing.

All the Kent papers are multiple choice and computer-marked, with answers recorded on a separate answer sheet. Paper 1 lasts 1 hour and is dedicated purely to English & Maths.


The English section includes questions around comprehension, literary devices, grammar, spelling, punctuation and vocabulary. 


The Maths questions cover the full KS2 national curriculum including numeracy, fractions, decimals, measurements, word problems and ratios.

Grab a sample paper

Multiple Choice English Sample.png

English, Multiple Choice

Multiple Choice Maths Sample.png

Maths, Multiple Choice