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St Olave's Grammar School

Specialist mock entrance exams for the St Olave's 11 Plus entrance exam

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Mock Papers for Stage 1 - SET - Selective Eligibility Test


All 4 timed test papers: English, Mathematics, Verbal reasoning, Non-verbal reasoning

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Answer sheet and all answers included as standard

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Excellent papers! They really made a difference!

Mock Papers for Stage 2 Entrance Test


I use your papers with all my 11 Plus students.

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The complete Stage 2 solution, accurately reproducing the St Olave's test structure

Instant download and unlimited use

Answer sheet, answers and a marking guide included

Audited by UK teachers and examiners


Information about the St Olave's entrance exams

Consistently named as one of the top schools in the UK, with a history dating back to 1560, St Olave's is a popular and highly competitive school destination. 

Fewer than 1 in 10 applicants are successful, making preparation key. Every year more than 1400 boys sit the Selective Eligibility Test (Stage 1), with about 450 progressing to Stage 2 and 124 offers released for a place at the school.

Let's take a look at the test.

Stage 1: The Selective Eligibility Test
Most grammar schools measure a combination of English, Mathematics, Verbal reasoning and Non-verbal reasoning for their 11 Plus entrance exam, but it is quite rare for a school to choose to measure all 4. In the case of St Olave's this is exactly what we find. Stage 1 is a fast paced 60 minute paper, racing through all 4 subjects and testing every topic available in the 11 Plus universe. All of the answers in the SET are recorded on one multiple choice answer sheet and the test is computer marked.


The SET begins with a 12 question multiple choice comprehension test. St Olave's comprehension is a little different to most 11 Plus comprehension tests, as many of the questions are focussed on the grammar, literary devices and structure of the text; as well as questions on the content itself. Additionally, 3 of the questions will have two correct answers. This is clearly labelled, but being familiar with the format is key.


Next is Mathematics. 15 multiple choice questions on a range of KS2 topics, always including a visual sequencing question at the end. The layout of the test allows roughly 15 minutes per section, or 1 minute per question.  Make sure your child is using the multiple choice answer sheet, our answer sheet mimics the real one used - and remember - there are no points for circling answers on the question sheet!
Verbal reasoning

The questions in this section are specific to St Olave's and have very little in common with the generic 11 Plus revision content that floods the UK market.  Like the Mathematics section there are 15 questions allowing an average of 1 minute per question.


Questions include:
  • Word ordering according to alphabet, syllables, vowels, consonants and number of letters​
  • Homophones
  • Anagrams
  • Hidden words
  • Missing letters
  • Antonyms
  • Synonyms
  • Grammatical structures
  • Word types
  • Code breaking 
Non-verbal reasoning

Once again we find a section that follows a question structure unique to St Olave's. Across 15 questions we find familiar NVR questions types such as odd one out and sequencing, combined with some less frequent questions including shape joining, reflections and cube rotations.


Our mock exams follow this exact structure, are instantly downloadable and include answers and answer sheet. ​

Stage 2: English Comprehension, Reading and Writing; and Mathematics
Approximately 1/3 of the applicants sitting the SET achieve a score that progresses them to Stage 2.

In the St Olave's Stage 2 entrance paper, we find a more familiar 11 Plus format. The paper lasts 2 hours and includes 3 distinct sections:
  • English:  Reading & comprehension
  • English: Reading and writing
  • Mathematics: Standard answer format.
English: Reading and comprehension

Section 1 is a multiple choice reading and comprehension exercise consisting of 10 questions. The texts are often classic or older texts, including complex vocabulary. You should budget no more than 10-15 minutes for this section.


English: Reading and writing

Section 2 is split in Part A and Part B.
In Part A, you are asked to write two paragraphs about a given text, which is usually poetry. The writing is marked against both the content of the answer; and the structure, spelling and vocabulary used.
Our Stage 2 exams include the content for each answer and a marking guide to assess the quality of writing.
Part B is a writing task, such as a letter or a short story. Again, our papers include the marking guide to help assess the success of the answer given.



Timing is key in the Stage 2 exam. It is crucial to allow a full hour for the Mathematics section. This part of the test includes 30 questions of varying complexity and point allocation. This is not multiple choice, answers are written directly into the question sheet in the spaces provided.


Our mock exams follow this exact structure, are instantly downloadable and include answers and answer sheet. ​
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