Tiffin School & Tiffin Girls' School

The Basics

The Tiffin School and Tiffin Girls' School are amongst the most competitive selective entrance schools in the country. The papers are not shared with other schools and consist of a Stage 1 multiple choice exam and a Stage 2 open answers exam. In all cases the Tiffin exams assess English and Maths, with no assessment of Verbal or Non-Verbal Reasoning.

Sample Papers

Multiple Choice English Sample.png

Stage 1, English

Multiple Choice Maths Sample.png

Stage 1, Maths

Mock English Sample.png

Stage 2, English

Mock Maths Sample.png

Stage 2, Maths

Student Writing

Stage 1 - Multiple Choice

Entrance to either school begins with registration for the Stage 1 multiple choice test. This consists of two exclusively multiple-choice papers, one for English and one for Maths. The papers last between 40 and 50 minutes.

The Maths paper includes expected and advanced questions across addition, subtraction and multiplication, fractions and ratios, percentages, decimals, algebra, measurement and units, data and coordinates, monetary and word-based problems.

The English paper evaluates reading comprehension, punctuation, sentence structure, grammar, spelling, vocabulary, word classes and literary devices.

In most cases this first test will determine eligibility to sit Stage 2, and whilst the pass mark varies year-by-year due to peer averages, it is best to aim for at least 85% as an average across both papers, with neither paper scoring less than 80%. The reality could be higher each year, but this is a good rule of thumb when preparing for the big day. 

Click below to download multiple choice papers for Tiffin Stage 1.

Each paper is a full 45-minute mock exam, designed to look and feel like a real 11+ paper with a separate answer sheet to mimic the real thing.

Stage 1 Mock Papers

English & Grammar

Timed, multiple-choice, with a separate answer sheet

Maths & Numeracy

Timed, multiple-choice, with a separate answer sheet

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A Girl in a Classroom

Stage 2 - Open Answer


Those who are successful in Stage 1 move on to Stage 2, open answer.

Stage 2 consists again of two papers, covering English and Maths. English usually consists of at least one comprehension passage and as many as two writing tasks.


Maths questions are similar to those set in Stage 1, but without the multiple choice setting. For some children this is preferred, for others not. You will learn where your strengths are as you work with your little one.

Click below to download open answer papers for Stage 2 entrance exams at Tiffin School and Tiffin School for Girls'. Each paper is a full 60 minute mock exam and is designed to look and feel like the real thing. Answer sheets are included.

Stage 2 Mock Papers

English & Grammar

Timed, open answer, 60 minute mock paper