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The Basics

Berkshire Grammar Schools include the Slough Consortium of Grammar Schools and two additional schools in Reading. All schools share the same entrance papers (as do the Redbridge schools), which is structured by CEM and split over two papers which are sat on the same day. More information on the individual papers can be found below.

There is sometimes misunderstanding regarding Roman numerals and these papers. Whilst the five example questions at the beginning of the paper are listed as Roman numerals (i,ii,iii,iv,v), the rest of the paper sees multiple choice questions laid out in a standard (a,b,c,d,e) format.

Schools using this entrance exam include:

  • Langley Grammar School

  • Herschel Grammar School

  • St Bernard's Catholic Grammar School

  • Upton Court Grammar School

  • Kendrick School

  • Reading School

NB: The partially selective Reading Girls School uses a separate test. However, the subjects covered are extremely similar and papers on this page would provide suitable revision. 

Student Writing

Paper 1 - English, Comprehension and Verbal Reasoning

Paper 1 lasts between 50 and 60 minutes, and is entirely multiple choice and computer marked. The questions cover English Grammar & Comprehension, and Verbal Reasoning, and are split into two separate sections.

Both papers are sat on the same day with a short break in between.  

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Things to remember

Multiple Choice English Sample.png

English, Multiple Choice

Verbal Reasoning Sample.png

Verbal Reasoning


Pen & paper wins every time

There are no online tests for any of these schools.


Don't get distracted with apps and other digital solutions. Focus your time on getting used to printed, exam-style mock papers that help familiarise with the real thing.

The closer you can get to the experience of the day itself, the better prepared your child will be when their moment arrives.

Get used to watching the clock

Timing is crucial, always have a clock in the room.

Although most CSSE questions carry the same amount of points, it is easy to lose track of time. A good rule of thumb is 1-minute per question. Keep an analogue clock in the room you hold your home-mocks and help your superstar get used to keeping one eye on the time.

If it's worth doing once...

Always check your answers.

It sounds obvious, but the difference between a pass and fail is just as likely to be exam technique as it is raw knowledge. Checking every answer needs to be as much part of your revision as answering the question first time. Some people check as they go, others run through when complete - try both and see what works for you.

Adult Students


Berkshire Paper 1 Mock Papers

English & Verbal Reasoning: