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The Basics

Newstead Wood is a highly competitive girls-only (save for the co-ed sixth form) Grammar School in Orpington, Kent. The entrance test measure Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning only, believed by some to be the strongest indicator of raw capability and intelligent when compared to Maths and English entrance exams.

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Newstead Wood Mock Papers

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We have structured five mock papers for Newstead Wood, all of which include both a Verbal and a Non-Verbal mock papers.

​Verbal Reasoning questions include:

  • Word searches and crosswords

  • Add the missing letters

  • Add the missing words

  • Common meaning puzzles

  • Opposite meaning puzzles

  • Hidden words

  • Adjoining words

  • Anagrams

  • Letter sequencing

  • Word association

  • Code breaking 

Non-Verbal Reasoning questions include:

  • Processes & sequences

  • Cube netting

  • Odd one out

  • Rotation & symmetry

  • Visual code breaking