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The Basics

The grammar schools in Barnet and Enfield manage their tests differently to most regions in the UK. Usually grammar schools in a particular area share the same entrance exam, meaning that there is only one test to prepare for even if you are applying for multiple schools. In the case of Barnet & Enfield, each of the four schools in the area have different tests, making the revision and preparation journey a little trickier than normal. But, don't worry, we're here to help.


You can see what each school tests in the table below: 

In many cases, you may well be deciding to apply for all the above schools. But, that might not be the case with everyone. 

Our papers for Barnet & Enfield are broken up into subject packs, that help you pick and choose the subjects you need to prepare for.

Student Writing

Pack 1: Maths & Numeracy

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Essential for all Barnet & Enfield entrance exams

Mock papers with a blend of both multiple choice and open answer maths and numeracy questions, including:

  • Addition, subtraction and multiplication

  • Fraction and ratios

  • Percentages and decimals

  • Algebra

  • Measurement and units

  • Data and coordinates

  • Word based problems

  • Monetary

Multiple Choice Maths Sample.png

Maths, Multiple Choice

Mock Maths Sample.png

Maths, Open Answer

Technology at School

Pack 2: English & Grammar

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Best for: Latymer, Queen Elizbeth's and Henrietta Barnet

Our English packs include two papers in each download. The first paper is a full, comprehension and technical language mock papers, while our second covers extended writing tasks and includes a marking guide written especially for Pass the Paper by a UK school examiner.

Multiple Choice English Sample.png

English, Multiple Choice

Mock English Sample.png

English, Open Answer