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Future Stories Community Enterprise Exam
Reading Grammar School
Colyton Grammar School
Chelmsford County High School for Girls

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Specialist preparation for the FSCE 11 Plus entrance exam

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Stage 1

FSCE Entrance Exams

The FSCE entrance exam includes a mix of multiple choice, variable answer and fill in the blanks question types. Our papers not only replicate the exact structure, but are designed to look and feel like the real exam 

An accurate replica of the real test including answer sheets and question format

Instant download, unlimited use and all answers included

Complete exam experience with all 3 papers: English, Mathematics and Creative Writing

Audited by UK examiners and designed to feel like the real thing

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About the FSCE 11 Plus

A recent addition to the 11 Plus entrance exam network, the FSCE provides exams for fewer schools than the other main exam providers (GL and CEM).

Established in 2022, the FSCE stands out amongst other providers in the determination to write exams that are visually accessible with clearly coloured question numbers and a specific multiple choice answer sheet; as well as focussing on content that does not stretch beyond the year 5 curriculum (most grammar schools test content up until the end of year 6, despite the exams being sat in the September of that year). Voice recorded instructions are played at the beginning of each paper

The exam structure

The FSCE is split into 3 separate papers, all of which are sat on the same day. Each paper is treated as an individual exam on the day.

The papers are as follows:

Paper 1: English

  • Part 1, Comprehension

    • Multiple choice comprehension based on one passage or extract​

  • Part 2, Vocabulary

    • Multiple choice questions matching synonyms and antonyms​

  • Part 3, Missing letters

    • Fill-in-the-blanks questions replacing the missing letters in words​


Paper 2: Mathematics

  • A mix of multiple choice, free answer and fill-in-the-box answer questions 

Paper 3: Creative Writing 

  • A creative writing exercise marked against 11 Plus marking guides 

FSCE Exam 1.png

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