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The Basics

The Medway Test is an 11+ entrance exam covering six selective grammar schools in and around the area of Medway / Rochester in Kent. The test invites applicants from any location and is a separate and different test to the Kent Test or PESE.

Schools that follow the Meday Test:


  • Chatham Grammar School for Girls 

  • Ford Pitt Grammar School

  • Holcombe Grammar School for Boys

  • Rainham Mark Grammar Schools

  • Sir Joseph Williamson's Mathematical Schools

  • The Rochester Grammar School for Girls 

Student Writing

About the Papers

The Medway Test consists of three separate papers:

  • Extended Writing (40 minutes with 10 minutes preparation)

  • Mathematics, multiple choice (50 minutes)

  • Verbal Reasoning (50 minutes)

Extended Writing

Open writing essay questions, usually with either one or two questions. The topics can cover Fiction/Creative or Letter Writing and Discursive writing. 



Multiple choice questions covering all national curriculum mathematics and numeracy. The papers are CEM and written specifically for the school. It is important to practise multiple choice maths mocks with separate answer sheets, to get used to the text format. 

Verbal Reasoning

Multiple choice verbal reasoning papers including word problems, hidden words, anagrams, cryptography and word association. 



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English, Extended Writing

Multiple Choice Maths Sample.png

Maths, Multiple Choice

Grab a sample paper

Grab a sample paper

Things to remember

Verbal Reasoning Sample.png

Verbal Reasoning


Pen & paper wins every time

There are no online tests for any of these schools.


Don't get distracted with apps and other digital solutions. Focus your time on getting used to printed, exam-style mock papers that help familiarise with the real thing.

The closer you can get to the experience of the day itself, the better prepared your child will be when their moment arrives.

Get used to watching the clock

Timing is crucial, always have a clock in the room.

Although it varies year-by-year, the PESE contains roughly 45-50 questions and lasts about 45-50 minutes. Get your little trooper used the keeping an eye on the clock, you won't be there to help them on test day. 1 minute per question is a good rule of thumb, and by working quickly they can build up reserve time for the trickier questions later in the test.

Be careful where you put your answers

There is a separate answer sheet.

Get used to this early on, answering on a separate sheet may not be intuitive, but the consequences of letting this slip on test day are dire. There are no points for showing working and no points for anything marked on the question paper itself. It's the multiple-choice answer sheet, or nothing, so it's crucial to make this part of your revision structure.

If in doubt, guess!

Never leave a multiple-choice question blank!

There will be questions that either your superstar can't conquer, or it simply isn't worth wasting them time on for that 1 point (10 minutes on 1 question/point at the sacrifice of the time to complete 10 more, is not a good trade!).

There's a 1 in 5 chance every time you guess, so  have a go!

Adult Students


Medway Test Mock Papers

Click below to download our Extended Writing, Verbal Reasoning and Maths & Numeracy papers.