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Essex CSSE 11+ Entrance Exams

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The Basics

The Essex CSSE is the entrance exam for all 11+ selective places covering 9 key schools in Essex. The exam consists of 2 papers, one measuring Maths and one measuring English, each paper has an equal weighting of 50% in the final score.

Unusually for 11+ entrance exams, the CSSE papers are almost entirely open answer, as opposed to multiple choice. The vast majority of 11+ exams in the UK are multiple choice, so it's really important to focus your revision time and mock experience on open answer, time-weighted questions.

Schools using the CSSE entrance  exam include:

  • Colchester County High School for Girls

  • Colchester Royal Grammar School

  • King Edward VI Grammar School

  • Shoeburyness High School

  • Southend High School for Boys

  • Southend High School for Girls

  • St. Bernard’s High School for Girls

  • St. Thomas More High School for Boys

  • Westcliff High School for Boys

  • Westcliff High School for Girls