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Bucks STT 11+ Entrance Exams

About Paper 1

English & Verbal Reasoning

Mock Papers

About Paper 2
Maths & Non-Verbal Reasoning

The Basics

The Bucks STT (Secondary Selection Test) is the 11+ entrance exam for 12 selective schools  and 1 partially selective school in Buckinghamshire and for partnering schools in other areas. 


The exam includes 2 papers. Paper 1 assesses a mixture of English, Comprehension and Verbal Reasoning, while Paper 2 focuses on Maths, Numeracy and Non-Verbal/Spatial Reasoning. Questions are largely multiple choice and it's really important to practise using a separate answer sheet as the papers are computer-marked, so nothing written on the paper itself will be admissible. The final score is weighted 50% towards verbal ability, 30% towards numerical ability and 20% Non-Verbal.


Grammar schools that use the Bucks STT include:

  • Aylesbury Grammar School             

  • Aylesbury High School                      

  • Beaconsfield High School                  

  • Burnham Grammar School                

  • Chesham Grammar School                

  • Dr Challoner’s Grammar School        

  • Dr Challoner’s High School

  • John Hampden Grammar School

  • Sir Henry Floyd Grammar School

  • Sir William Borlase’s Grammar School

  • The Royal Grammar School

  • The Royal Latin School

  • Wycombe High School