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Sutton S.E.T. & Tiffin Schools Stage 1 Maths &Numeracy #6

Sutton S.E.T. & Tiffin Schools Stage 1 Maths &Numeracy #6


Specially prepared for Sutton S.E.T. & Tiffin Schools 11+ entrance exams, our Multiple-Choice Maths & Numeracy papers cover the full range of topics to familiarise and prepare for the big day.


Papers include a separate answer sheet to simulate exam conditions and are designed to look and feel like the real thing. Answers are included with every paper.


Questions topics include:


  • Addition, subtraction and multiplication
  • Fraction and ratios
  • Percentages and decimals
  • Algebra
  • Measurement and units
  • Data and coordinates
  • Word based problems
  • Monetary
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