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Sutton Girls, Stage 2, Exam 2

Sutton Girls, Stage 2, Exam 2


The complete Stage 2 experience, specific to Nonsuch High School for Girls and Wallington High School for Girls. These papers include the Writing Triplets extended writing tasks, a recent update to the format for both these schools.

Our papers are the only preparation material available to include the new Writing Triplets exam format, with introductions and guides.

English - Writing Triplets


The entire paper is built upon National Curriculum Writing Triplets.


The exams include one piece of continuous writing set on any of four core writing triplets:

  • Analyse, Review and Comment
  • Inform, Explain and Describe
  • Argue, Persuade and Advise
  • Explore, Imagine and Entertain


It is essential that your child understands both how to identify which piece of writing is required, and how to structure an answer according to National Curriculum guidelines.


Our mock sets include TWO of the triplet styles in each exam pack.


  • 5 sets focus on Analyse, Review and Comment; and Inform, Explain and Advise
  • 5 sets focus on Argue, Persuade and Advise; and Explore, Imagine and Entertain


Each of our mock sets contains:


  • An introductory guide to Writing Triplets
  • A specific guide to the Writing Triplets in your paper, how to structure your answers and how to build an answer that succeeds and scores points!


Maths & Numeracy 


Specially prepared for Stage 2, our Maths & Numeracy papers cover the full range of topics to familiarise and prepare for the big day.


Papers include time-weighted questions and are designed to look and feel like the real thing. Answers are included with every paper.


Questions topics include:


  • Addition, subtraction and multiplication
  • Fraction and ratios
  • Percentages and decimals
  • Algebra
  • Measurement and units
  • Data and coordinates
  • Word based problems
  • Monetary
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