Surrey Power-ups Superpack

Surrey Power-ups Superpack


All 5 Power-up packs in one discounted bundle.


Get ready for multiple choice exam topics across Maths, Comprehension and English Language, with our Surrey Power-ups Test Packs.


Each pack contains 3 mock papers:

  • A Comprehension paper, including a selected text and 10 multiple choice answers carrying a total of 25 points. A separate answers sheet is included to mimic real 11+ entrance exams.
  • An English Language paper covering technical language use including vocabulary, punctuation, word types, spelling, prefixes, suffixes, antonyms, synonyms, metaphors, personification, onomatopoeias and anagrams.
  • A full Maths & Numeracy multiple choice mock papers covering 45 questions with a time allowance of 45 minutes. Subjects covered include Addition, subtraction and multiplication, Fractions and ratios, Percentages and decimals, Algebra, Measurement and units, Data and coordinates, Word based problems, and Monetary