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Writing Triplets. The Sutton Girls' 2nd stage explained.

For those of us applying to Nonsuch and Wallington Girls, September is a big date in our diaries.

The S.E.T. or Selective Eligibility Test, will ultimately define the future academic path of our little ones. Lots of effort goes into preparing for this 1st stage, but if you pass, what's next?

Here are a few helpful facts about the second stage entrance exam for the Sutton grammar network girls' schools.

1. The test is the same for both schools

Whether you're sitting at Nonsuch or Wallington, the test will be exactly the same.

2. They happen on the same date

This year it's Saturday 28th September.

3. The test is not Multiple Choice

The second stage is standard format answers, no multiple choice at all. This is really important as it is vital to practise sitting standard format tests before sitting the real exam. You can find dedicated second stage papers for both Maths and English on our Sutton SET page.

4. The English exam has changed radically

In previous years the Stage 2 English exam was a mix of comprehension and writing. However, because there is so much comprehension in Stage 1 (since the updates in 2022), Stage 2 has been entirely reshaped around the National Curriculum Writing Triplets.

Writing Triplets is a very specific writing style following the rule of three.

The Sutton SET considers FOUR different writing triplets:

· Analyse, Review and Comment

· Inform, Explain and Describe

· Argue, Persuade and Advise

· Explore, Imagine and Entertain

Each of these triplets covers a different type literary type and each requires a specific structure of answer. For example, there are key differences between how you write when you argue and when you persuade, and your answer needs to reflect both.

Our Sutton SET page has 20 exam papers dedicated to Writing Triplets, specifically designed for the Sutton SET second stage. Each set includes a guide to Writing Triplets and a specific guide on how to write a successful answer for each of the four triplet types.

5. No rough or working paper is provided

Get used to using the backs and edges of your mock papers for your calculations and planning. The only exception is in the English exam where a small planning section will be included.

6. There are no marks for your workings in Maths

Some exams offer points for your working notes, but not on this occasion, only your final answer is considered, so make sure it is clear on the paper.

7. You must pass all 4 papers to pass the entrance exam

This is pier-based and standardised, but we recommend revising to the point of achieving 85% or above on every test.

As always, wishing you the very best in your learning journey.


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