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Royal Russell School

In their own words

I am delighted that you have expressed an interest in joining Royal Russell School. 

Royal Russell is different by design.  We are a family school which means we value the things which make each of us distinctively brilliant.  Royal Russell’s school motto is ‘non sibi sed omnibus’ which translates as ‘not for oneself, but for all’.  Our commitment to each other is to help every member of our community strive for their vision of success.  Our happy, vibrant and ambitious community provides our pupils with an exceptional educational experience; with the pupil right at the heart. 

We are proud of the breadth and depth of what we offer at Royal Russell and our 110-acre campus is full of incredible facilities to inspire learning and personal growth; from our cutting-edge science facilities, our beautiful library, extensive sporting facilities, Chapel, Great Hall, spacious dining facilities, Performing Arts Centre and beautiful Day Houses. 

Bespoke educational pathways mean we can support your child to realise their vision of success, supported by expert tutors, teachers, coaches and pastoral teams.  We believe in a total education - encouraging pupils to extend their learning beyond the curriculum through enrichment activities and cultural experiences.  Learning together in an open community that reflects the real world and celebrates both individual and collective achievements. 

I look forward to welcoming you.  

Chris Hutchinson 


The admissions process uses the online ISEB Common Pre Test (sometimes referred to as the Common Entrance Exam). This exam has a specific format and structure, includes a range of predictable questions types and is taken in an online/computer environment. Students should pay particular attention to the Non-Verbal and Verbal-Reasoning modules, as these sections may include question types they have never encountered before.

We have partnered with the test experts at Ready Steady Pass, to bring you the most accurate and best value ISEB practise material. These exams are audited by AQA and EdExcel exam markers, and ISI independent school inspectors. Tests are taken online, include unlimited resits and emailed results including answer sheets to share with tutors and parents.

Each individual exam contains a full ISEB Common Pre Test experience, covering Maths, English, Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning. Buy the Bundle or Complete Collection to get the best value for money.

Click below to create your Ready Steady Pass account and start your revision journey.

£24.99 for 1 complete exam

£59.99 for 3 complete exams

£99.99 for all 5 complete exams

What questions can I expect?

The ISEB Common Pre Test is a combination of 4 individual exams, all of which are set in a multiple choice, online environment. The exams vary every year, but you can expect to find all or most of the below in this year's test.


  • Calculations

  • Money

  • Place value

  • Statistics and data

  • Fractions, decimals, and percentages

  • Triangles and angles

  • Area and perimeter

  • Units and measurement


  • Reading and comprehension

  • Vocabulary and spelling

  • Literary devices

Verbal Reasoning

  • Code breaking

  • Word meanings

  • Missing letters

  • Pairing synonyms

  • Pairing antonyms

  • Word combinations

Non-Verbal Reasoning

  • Visual codes

  • Missing shapes and shape sequences

  • Matching shapes

  • Net-to-cube

  • Cube-to-net

£24.99 for 1 complete exam

£59.99 for 3 complete exams

£99.99 for all 5 complete exams

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