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Moreton Hall

In their own words

Moreton Hall is an aspirational, joyous and nurturing school, where belonging and ambition are intrinsically intertwined. Ours is a school that is innovative, creative and sparky on one hand, and incredibly warm, familial and empathetic on the other.

Moreton nurtures in its pupils a grounded self-confidence, the willingness to give everything a go and the self-belief to tackle any challenge head-on. Our focus on building character fosters a can-do approach to life shared by all Moretonians. Our community is underpinned by mutual trust and our pupils are free to be their authentic selves, ready to explore and achieve their ambitions.

We set academic expectations high and expertly guide each pupil to develop intellectual independence alongside emotional intelligence. As a result, our pupils enjoy superb academic success and secure places at the nation’s most competitive universities. All disciplines are equally valued and our pupils progress into a diverse range of fields, from national and international sports teams to the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and Oxbridge.

Our extensive co-curricular programme provides each pupil with choices tailored to their interests and abilities and we continually evolve and innovate to create meaningful opportunities for our pupils.

The mutually respectful and trusting relationship between pupils, staff and our families lies at the heart of Moreton’s success. Our exceptional teaching and pastoral staff encourage, support and challenge Moretonians to make progress beyond whatever they thought possible. Their dedication to the pupils, passion for their subjects and professionalism leave an indelible positive impression on each pupil, equipping them to successfully navigate a competitive, fast-paced global future.

Please explore our website to learn more about this remarkable school. We look forward to warmly welcoming you when you visit.

I look forward to meeting you.

Michael Brewer, Principal

The school uses the CEM Select entrance exam to assess admissions. CEM Select includes particular questions types, covering Verbal Reasoning, Non-Verbal Reasoning and Mathematics, often paired with a CEM English paper. It is particularly important to practise the Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning modules, as the precise type of question varies across different exam boards.

We work with the test experts at Ready Steady Pass, to bring you the most accurate and best value CEM Selet practise material. These exams are audited by AQA and EdExcel exam markers, and ISI independent school inspectors. Tests are taken online, include unlimited resits and emailed results including answer sheets to share with tutors and parents.

Each individual exam contains a full CEM Select experience, covering Maths, Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning; and includes a CEM style English exam as standard. Buy the Bundle or Complete Collection to get the best value for money.

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What questions can I expect?

CEM Select assesses Verbal Reasoning, Non-Verbal Reasoning and Mathematics. However, many schools choose to partner CEM Select with an English assessment. Every Ready Steady Pass preparation exam includes a complimentary, complete English assessment as standard.

CEM Select tests are largely multiple choice, but also include fill-in-the-blanks and drag and drop question types. Which are included in all Ready Steady Pass preparation tests.


  • Addition, subtraction and multiplication

  • Word problems

  • Place value

  • Statistics and data

  • Fractions, decimals, and percentages

  • Triangles and angles

  • Area and perimeter

  • Units and measurement

Verbal Reasoning

  • Code breaking

  • Word meanings

  • Missing letters

  • Pairing synonyms

  • Pairing antonyms

  • Word combinations

Non-Verbal Reasoning

  • Visual codes

  • Missing shapes and shape sequences

  • Matching shapes

  • Net-to-cube

  • Cube-to-net


  • Reading and comprehension

  • Vocabulary and spelling

  • Literary devices

£24.99 for 1 exam

£59.99 for 3 exams

£99.99 for all 5 exams

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