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Downside School

In their own words

At Downside, we feel that by working with families in a partnership built on trust, we provide the young people in our School with the strongest possible foundation for their education. Through belonging to a community in which each individual feels valued and included, pupils grow in confidence and are encouraged to develop their unique gifts, motivated by the joy of learning.

We are highly ambitious for our pupils and encourage them to seek out and welcome challenges. They consistently achieve beyond their expectations, and failure is not seen as something to fear. In fact, in a community where failure does not bring judgement and blame, it provides a valuable opportunity for humble reflection, and can even be the crucial springboard for growth and development which leads ultimately to success. This is no hollow promise but the genuine experience of our pupils as they are supported by teachers and staff who inspire and motivate them and are alive to their needs as individuals, whether in pursuing their academic studies, or as they develop their sporting, musical and artistic talents, or grow as leaders through serving others.

The School’s distinctive culture is built on its Catholic and Benedictine roots and supports the exploration of faith and spiritual growth within an inclusive and welcoming community. We embrace diversity and encourage imagination, creativity and open-mindedness. We believe that each individual is uniquely gifted and that every person has their own essential part to play. Our community is diminished if any one of us does not play our unique and distinct part or give of ourselves fully, like an orchestra, with each member playing their instrument, whilst listening and tuning to those around them.





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