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Online mocks

CEM aptitude tests are designed specifically for selective Independent and Grammar schools by the Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring. They are online, largely multiple choice assessments.  The test is highly adaptable and can vary from school to school. However, in most cases the test covers three core subjects: Verbal Reasoning, Non-Verbal Reasoning and Numeracy. It is not uncommon for a school to use only the Reasoning aspects of the test, or to combine the entire test with their own paper-based assessments.

Schools that use the CEM Select at 11+, include:

  • Brentwood School

  • City of London School for Girls

  • Exeter School

  • Farnborough Hill School

  • Guildford High School

  • Heathfield School

  • Holme Grange

  • Hymers College

  • King's Ely Junior School

  • Mill Hill Belmont

  • Millfield School

  • Moreton Hall

  • Mount St Mary's College

  • Newcastle High School 

  • Nottingham High School

  • Pangbourne College

  • Princethorpe College

  • Queen Anne's School

  • Rendcomb College

  • St Edward's School

  • St Nicolas' School

  • The Cathedral School

  • The Grange School

  • The King's School

  • The Royal Masonic School for Girls

CEM online tests available now

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