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Multiple Choice Pack 2

Multiple Choice Pack 2


3 papers in 1 pack, each Multiple Choice Pack contains 1x English Language, 1x Comprehension and 1x Maths, multiple choice mock paper, saving over 20% compaired with individually priced papers.


  • English Language (15 minutes)

    Multiple choice questions testing vocabulary, punctuation, word types, spelling, prefixed, suffixes, metaphors, similes, onomatopoeias, hyperboles, personification and anagrams. Each paper includes 15 questions, an answer sheet and the full paper answers.


  • English Comprehension (15 minutes)


Multiple choice comprehension papers designed to test evidence, explanation, understanding and meaning. Each paper includes a full comprehension extract, 10 questions and a full answer sheet.


  • Maths & Numeracy (40 minutes)


Our Independent Maths & Numeracy papers are full, 40 minute / 45 question multiple choice 11+ mock tests. The papers include a separate answer sheet to record answers, and of course answers are included.

Topics include:

  • Addition, subtraction and multiplication
  • Fraction and ratios
  • Percentages and decimals
  • Algebra
  • Measurement and units
  • Data and coordinates
  • Word based problems
  • Monetary
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