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Free Membership to our Tutor Community 


We are the fastest growing 11 Plus mock paper website in the UK, attracting up to 3,000 parent-visitors every month. We have received multiple requests from our parent community to build a network of 11 Plus Tutors whom they can contact about tuition services. 

Membership is free, with no commissions or hidden charges. We won't even ask for your card details.  In the future we may move towards a small monthly subscription, but it is unlikely to be this year - and if we do there will be plenty of notice, and no obligation to remain. Those who join now will receive a discount on any future subscription fee.

Our number one priority is to build a high quality, reliable directory of Tutors in Maths, English and Reasoning for our parents.

You can find more information below. For now, a big welcome to our community! Just follow the link below to register - we go live in April, when our parents will be able to make contact with you regarding your tuition services.




Nate John, Community Manager 

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Free Membership

Membership is 100% free while we launch the service, and anyone who joins the Beta gets a lifetime discount when/if we do move to a subscription model.

No Commission 

We will never charge commission or apply additional fees of any kind. Manage your payments directly with your customers and keep every penny you earn.

Open Messaging

Get parent messages straight to your email inbox, share your contact details and keep in touch in a way that works for you, without restrictions.

The Right Audience

Every visitor to our site is seeking 11 Plus resources and advice. You won't get lost in a sea of subjects here.


This started as a journey to build a solution for our parent community which brought all 11 Plus Tutors together in one place. That goal remains, but we've learnt a few things along the way ...

  • We've learnt about other sites taking a cut of your fees and forcing payments through their own platform.

  • We've heard about censored messaging and restrictive terms that prevent you from communicating freely with your customers.

  • There has been a lot of commentary around the vast quantity of subjects covered by some Tutor directories.

All of this has contributed to our approach. We want to get this right. This is an invitation to join a Tutor service from Day 1 - to feed back, to make suggestions and to help us turn it into something that is both simple and valuable.

Registration is open now, go ahead and create your profile. The database opens to the public in April, and we'll keep you posted as the big day approaches!

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