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The secret weapon of working from home

When it comes to learning, we all know that little-and-often is the winning formula. As we head into what increasingly seems to be a new era of working, with greater flexibility across more professions than ever before; those in the know can realise a competitive advantage for our children.

Whether you use a tutor, or revise as a family (or both!), having more time to invest in your child’s future is the gift of a lifetime. Most of us save between 1 and 3 commuting hours every day that we work from home. Committing as little as 15 minutes of that to your little trooper, could be the difference between pass and fail.

Here are a few ideas that might work in your family.

Breakfast challenge

If you are lucky enough to share breakfast with your children, this is perhaps the most powerful time to invest in your revision strategy. Whether working your way through a mock paper a few questions at a time, or progressing through a workbook, the breakfast table is the perfect opportunity.

Every child is different, but in general we would do well do remember that little and often means little as well as often! A few questions for just a few minutes, every morning, is far more powerful than marathon sessions once a week. Create a positive learning habit at breakfast time and we guarantee you won’t regret it. Just don’t forget to nourish the body as well as the mind!

3 mock questions a day

It’s important to remember where the bar is for your upcoming entrance exam. In an exam environment most schools allow roughly 1 minute per question; in a revision setting this can change, but it’s fair to estimate that 15 minutes will allow plenty of time to run through three questions.

Mix up the subjects or focus on a challenge area, whatever works for you. But, whatever you do, don’t leave it too late. Anyone can get home late at night and ask a tired child to revise, but we’re being smart – we’re using our WFH super powers – so do it as soon as possible, before tea time if you can.

Tutor tasks

If you use a Tutor, get them involved and ask for tasks, questions or goals, anything that gives you guidance as to where to focus your time. Don’t be intimidated by the papers. Focus on the bits you are confident in and leave the rest for tuition time.

Charts win Hearts

If you’re reading this, then you know how important education is. Not everyone does – not even all adults can agree on it – so as much as we love our children, we can’t assume they do, either.

Perhaps you are blessed with a child who skips for sums and claps for comprehension, but for the rest of us, motivation matters! Something as simple as a weekly chart, possibly attached to a small reward or possibly just for the joy of the chart, can really lift the positive energy in a child’s learning journey.

Making the chart can be a family activity in itself, but if you’re stretched for time, here’s a link to an example Breakfast Challenge chart.

Made something at home and particularly proud of yourself? Pop it our way and we’ll share it with everyone!

Happy learning!


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