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It's summer, keep a routine

Summer can see routine go out the window, and rightly so; for most families this is the time when everyone can spend time together away from work, school and other responsibilities.

Any other year this is fine, but with entrance exam season starting in September, August is a key opportunity to build on your foundations to help little Sir or little Madam get ready for their big day.

Keeping a routine doesn't mean ruining your holiday and it certainly doesn't mean an abundance of pressure. Our experience as a family showed that 45m after breakfast and 45m before dinner was more than enough time. Ordinarily we would sit one mock in the morning and then either sit another in the afternoon - if the a.m. mock was a success - or invest that time in reviewing it had there been some areas for significant improvement. A trick up your sleeve here, depending on how you like to engage with your particular umpa lumpa, but we would often suggest that if the morning mock was 90%+, then the afternoon mock was special time together doing something they wanted to do. You can mould and kneed this as works best for your family, the important piece is that you have two, short fixed sessions every day that are at a time every child can understand (10:15 they may not process, "after breakfast" is extremely clear).

These last few weeks are a scary time for everyone. Remember, the right papers and structure are essential, but sometimes all it takes is reassurance and a good hug.


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