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Getting the final weeks of revision right

It's been going on a year, maybe two, and the big day is fast approaching. Here are our top tips to make the most out of those final weeks preparing for your entrance exams.

Remember the other subjects!

You will naturally have been focusing on the weaker subject. For some this is Maths, for others it may be English or Reasoning. Even if your child is a literary superstar make sure they have experienced the questions in the English papers for your target schools. Likewise for any other subject - leave nothing to chance - experience as much of the exam makeup as possible.

10 in 10

1-minute per question is a good rule of thumb for all 11 Plus exams and is often quoted. However, take this in batches. Some questions take 20 seconds, others take 2 or 3 minutes; but ten questions should take approximately 10 minutes. You don't need to sit a full mock exam to test this, you can literally do it in 10 minute sittings!

Rehearse your environment

Recreate as much of the real exam environment as you can.

  • Get your pencil case or stationery bag ready and start using it during mock tests

  • Try to get used to using only 2 or 3 sheets of working paper - you won't have endless sheets of paper in the exam.

  • Work silently - no questions means no questions!

  • Have an analogue clock visible and start practising keeping an eye on 10 in 10 during mock exams

  • Check every answer - even the easy ones. One question is as much as 4% of your total score.

Try as many different questions as possible

Rehearsing the same questions can create false comfort. Now is the time to get fresh papers on the table - wherever they come from - and test new, raw questions.

And finally

These exams are important - really important - we all know that. But our honest advice at Pass the Paper is to take a moment to remind your hard working 10 year old, that you love them no matter what happens. You won't regret it!


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