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The CAT4, developed by GL (Granada Learning) is a dedicated Cognitive Abilities Test, available for a range of different age groups and capabilities, from Key Stage 1 learners all the way through to corporate, adult assessment. It is frequently used within education, including as an entrance evaluation for several Independent Schools in the UK.

Currently in its fourth generation (hence the 4), the CAT4 tests is computer-based and focuses exclusively on Verbal Reasoning, Non-Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative (AKA Numerical) Reasoning.

The Verbal and Quantitative tests are very particular in their format, making traditional 11 Plus revision material inadequate for preparation. 

Schools currently using the CAT4 for 11 Plus assessment include:

  • Eaton Square, Mayfair

  • Kent College, Pembury

  • Luckley House, Wokingham

  • North London Grammar School

  • Radnor House, Seven Oaks

  • The Webber Independent School

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Our CAT4 mock tests offer the best of both worlds:

  • Unlimited online access to our testing centre online CAT4 mock tests across all three modules

  • Dedicated VR and Quantitative modules designed especially for CAT4 preparation

  • Printer-friendly papers with answer sheets are included as standard, to allow for parent/tutor consultation on any challenging areas or sticking points, away from the computer

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